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Complete Collection of Samurai Weapons

If there’s anything interesting about history, it has to be the Samurai weapons. The weapons of the Samurai are all over the television, books, podcasts, articles and marketplaces. But, what’s all this hype about? The contemporary warriors like you need to know.

Dear history lovers, let’s take you back to Feudal Japan. Let’s transform you into an elite warrior. Let’s show you what it takes to evolve into the world’s ruling military class. Welcome to a world of Samurai weapons and equipment.

Here’s a sneak peek into the Edo period. Here’s your chance to display your love for Japanese culture. You just can’t have enough of Samurai weapons, right? That’s okay. Even the Samurai warriors treated their weapons like treasure chests, not mere military necessities.

Samurai warriors used military weapons as a status symbol. Then, why should you leave out? Flaunt your war-like side by collecting antique weaponry. This collection is your one-stop-shop for all Samurai weaponry. You’ll find the complete collection here. How convenient, right?

History of feudal Japanese weapons

If you consider the Katana to be a blood-shedding tool only, you are mistaken. Feudal Japanese weapons have historically been used and carried as a much-needed guard. Safety first, remember?

You might have read up a bit on the rich history of Samurai weapons. The craftsmanship, designing techniques and fail-proof functionality of every simple Wakizashi is a golden part of the much-celebrated past of Japan. Join the party!

The medieval world was full of close-combat warfare. Over the course of history, the nature of these wars evolved. And so, did the tantos. Similarly, you can take Kabutowari as an example of evolution in history. So, first appeared kabutos– the helmets that were worn for protection of the skull.

Next, came Kabutowari– a knife like weapon to cut through the helmet and split the enemy’s head into halves. However, perhaps the oldest of these weapons are the Yumis. Tracking back history, you know that Samurai warriors were mounted on horsebacks during wars.

Yumis are the bows and arrows that these soldiers used. Do you know how historically significant these weapons are? Back in the day, the Naginata and other swords were part of the carrier’s soul. You’re literally keeping their legacy alive by owning these weapons. Imagine!

With such an unforgettable past, there’s no way these Japanese weapons are ever going out of fashion. They are still being made. And Samurai fans like you are still drooling over them.

Owing to such interesting historical weapons, you have all the more reasons to shop away these Japanese weapons for yourselves and you loved ones. Historically, they have been gifted as tokens of appreciation and compliments of bravery. It’s your turn to do the same and impress the history students around you.

Making of weapons

Have you ever baked a cake? Did you find it difficult? Now imagine the difficulty level and precision involved in the making of the world’s most sophisticated weapons. The technicalities involved in making the hand grip, designing and curving the blade and decorating the edges are countless.

When you have your weapon delivered to you, you’d realize it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry could do that, Not offense if that’s your name, though. On a serious note, the Samurai elite entrusted only the master craftsmen for the making of Samurai weapons.

After all, it was a matter of life and death. To produce the kind of sharpness that could kill and the kind of strength that could save, weapon makers heated and folded steel innumerable times. Yes, that’s what it takes to deliver you quality.

Uses of Japanese weapons

What do you imagine the intended use of a Japanese weapon to be? You might perceive it to be only cutting through limbs. But that’s not it.
More importantly, Japanese weapons are self defense tools. Yes, you can slice through the enemy but don’t forget to pull the weapon out when you need a shield.

What else? Samurai warriors like you can freely flaunt these weapons to elevate your pride and showcase your status. The more traditional motifs and decorations on your weapon, the richer you are projected to be. Cool!

100% customer satisfaction

To back up all your desires for Japanese weapons, we at Samurai Armor have got the right logistics in place. You are permitted to select whichever combination of daisho you please. Satisfaction is given.

The best thing is that you wouldn’t have to take a step. And we’ll still run a mile for you. Just ping us through your fingertips and we’ll run around to get things rolling. So, shop away any splashing weapon of your choice without having any worries. You’ll be 100% satisfied. It’s a deal.

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