Wushu Metal Forearm Training Rings


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This is a single extra-large-sized iron ring for your martial arts training. Most people can slide this size ring to their biceps. They are more ideal for people with x-large forearms or for grip training.
These are the original weight training devices in Chinese martial arts. They provide the ultimate in weight resistance. These rings are typically worn on your forearms as you practice your forms or drills. Not only do they add weight to build up your arm muscles, they harden your forearms for serious blocking! Also, when you strike with real power and speed, the rings make a distinctive sharp clang that any genuine master will recognize as true Kung Fu skill! How many can you handle? Usually, for the beginners, you should handle 10 pieces, if you are a master, you can handle 20 pieces…
These rings are also used for training your grip. Grip these rings on the outside with your fingertips and squeeze to develop strength for your claw/lop sao attacks! Chrome plated steel!!!
Outside diameter: X-large-12.5cm/Large-11.5cm/Medium 10.5cm….¬†Inside diameter: 9.5cm/8.5cm/7.5cm
The weight of each ring is approx 0.6kg

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