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Authentic Samurai Swords collection for Sale

Choose your battles, sharpen your swords, battle it out.
That’s the life story of a Samurai Jack. And if you can resonate, there’s no wonder you came here looking for Katanas for sale. So, jump right in. The Samurai culture was unique. So are Samurai swords.

For this very reason, standardized swords will not be imposed on you. Yes, you heard it right. For the real warrior and true Samurai fans, customized swords are doable. Welcome to an endless collection of real Katanas.

Are you a sword collector? Say it proudly if you are. Dear Japanese blade enthusiast, you just got lucky and landed on the best possible collection of Samurai swords. This Samurai swords collection speaks for its authenticity.

From the Nodachi and Ninjato to the Tanto and armor, the authenticity of each Katana part will shine right through. You can bet! And you know what’s the best part?

This is the only Samurai armor store that will offer antique Samurai swords without emptying your pockets. You might be surprised but that’s just how it is.

Significance of Samurai Swords

Before you are enlightened about the significance of Samurai swords, let’s ask you about your preconceived notion. Have you perceived a Samurai sword only as a barbaric tool? In that case, think again.

You know what a Samurai sword signifies? It actually symbolizes the soul and individuality of the Samurai himself. How interesting, no?

Intrigued by the patterns on the Samurai swords? Well, those show the class of Samurai carrying it. this further explains why Samurai treasured their swords so much and passed them down the generations.

Making of Samurai Swords

You might have heard about the craftsmanship of Samurai swordsmiths. Yes, they are world famous and very rightly so. Japanese sword making is an art and the swordmasters are the ultimate artists.

A lot of cost and effort goes into the making of every single Samurai sword. The iron is folded time and again before it becomes pure and soft. According to the traditional sword making techniques, this soft metal is now ready to go into the core of the sword.

For such reasons, a Samurai sword is a masterpiece carved out with finesse and secretive metallurgy. After the steel is sorted, blades are forged and coated. Viola, there you have your ten-thousand-fold Katana!

Classification of Samurai Katanas

Do all the Samurai Katanas seem similar to you? If yes, you are suggested to take a closer look. There are numerous classifications of Katanas, depending on the shape and size.

  • Uchigatana is the modern classification of katana which bears a 60 cm blade distance from the tip to the notch in the back.
  • Tachi is a long sword with a deeply curved blade. Unlike Uchigatana, Tachi is carried with the blade pointing downwards.
  • Wakizashi is a medium sized sword with a relatively shorter blade. In this category, the blade length is around 30cm-60cm.
  • Kogarasomaru is a rigid sword. Think of it as a transition from straight to curved swords.
  • Nagamaki is perhaps the longest of the swords. The handle and the blade are equally long.

Things to consider before buying Samurai Katanas

Ready to make the big move, eh? Hold your horses. You must make a rational choice and consider all that it takes to buy the perfect Samurai Katanas for yourself.

First of all, watch out for the pattern on the outer edges of the Katana’s blade. That shows the heat treatment the Samurai Katana has gone through, believe it or not, the heat treating makes all the difference.

Secondly, check if your Samurai Katana is perfectly balanced. This may seem obvious but it is common for the Samurai community to be carried away by the aesthetics.

Thirdly, do check out for the aesthetics. Ironically, functionality is not enough. Make sure that very inch of the Katana has been polished to bring in harmony.

Fourthly, ensure that the design is authentically and historically correct. If not, keep it back. The modern sword makers shouldn’t compromise on the feudal design, whatsoever.

Last but not the least, test the cutting power of your Samurai Katana. After all, that’s the whole point of it. Will you ever buy a car without a test drive? Anyone, eh?

We deliver the Authenticity

By now, you must’ve realized that absolutely zero tolerance is shown to be inauthenticity. Shop away your favourite pieces out of this Samurai swords collection for sale. Authenticity is promised.

Do your homework. Ask questions, discover the historical techniques and designs, and expect authenticity. Because we have that in store for you. No doubts.

With the kind of historical rooting we provide, you wouldn’t need to avail our no-questions-asked return and refund policy. But if need be, that’s also available, warrior. Happy shopping!

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