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Has the Samurai Jack cartoon fantasized you a bit too much? Then you’ve landed the on the right place. Extending a warm welcome as you step into this Samurai armor store. What’s in store for you? Well, that’s a good question because we’ve got so much.

This store has got the vintage Samurai armors for the contemporary warriors. So, if you can’t have enough of Japanese armor, patiently scroll through and shop heaps and heaps. After all, what’s stopping you? You deserve all this crafty armory.

About Samurai Armor

About samurai armor
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Before you order away your favourite Japanese armor suits, let us enlighten you about what you’re signing up for. After all, this our mission- to keep the traditions alive. And to reproduce authentic armor, of course.  Japanese armor is priceless. But it looks best in tandem with katana samurai swords and other accessories.

Needless to say, keeping up with the Samurai culture will not cost you an arm and a leg. Rest assured. From basic ones to the foldable ones, there’s so much to be told about the Samurai outfits. Kabuto helmets, Menpo masks and Sangu armor parts are just our way of continuing the legacy. Join along.

Real Armor Suit Collection for Sale

What is your perception of the Samurais and armorers of ancient Japan by simply looking at the Samurai outfits? If you notice the detailing, you’d realize they were not just good warriors but also great artisans. For all the artsy souls with a knack of history, we’ve also got Samurai inspired modern day outfits as hoodies, shirts and hats with along the authentic geta sandals in our collection.

But is that all we sell? No, we sell our commitment to share historical information, war tactics and loyalty to the Samurai fans. The quality of our Samurai armor for sale reflects in every piece available every piece on this website. From the Yoroi armor to the Gashira Samurai armor, you’ll only witness dedication and dedication alone. Honestly, that’s all that matters.

Types of Samurai armor

When we say Samurai armor for sale, we don’t mean monotonous or limited designs. Browse through the pictures to see the plethora of designs waiting for you. Each one of them is flexible in terms of size so tick that off your list. Yes, we have all sorts of armor for sale, but every piece is historically authentic and combat ready.

Still, to help you navigate through the types, we’ve got lengthy descriptions. Our kachushi craftsmen define and design each type after thorough research and study. Do all Samurai armor for sale feel the same to you? Yes, the imitations do look the same. But let us tell you how different they all are from one another.


Have you heard about Keiko? It’s the type of Samurai suits worn by the Japanese horsemen. Yes, the samurais were no savage barbarians; they had different armors for different classes of fighters. These Samurai suits are different because they are made up of hexagonal armor plates.

The hardened leather and small iron made it perfect for the feudal Japan. Kiko plates were basically hard turtle shells sewn between layers of clothes. The shell was obviously hidden between the seams of the Samurai suit. But it provided the durability every samurai soldier needed.

Ground Men

What about Tanko? It’s a type of Shogun armor specially made for the Kachi or foot solider class. How interesting, no? Although this category of Shogun armors is economical, it is till hand made using the strongest materials. If you’re broke or want an inexpensive piece for an upcoming roleplay, this type is your type.

Want to know what goes into a typical Tanko armor? Well, quite a lot ranging from kabuto, steel, hemp, brocade, cotton, nylon, minimal fittings, faux leather, and faux hair. That’s amazing to say the least.

Manufacturing of Japanese armor

All this reproduction takes more effort than you think it does. You might have seen the finesse of Japanese samurai armor in museums, temples, and television dramas. Let’s tell you the magic that goes behind it. After we’ve got all rick-solid materials, a team of artists is dedicated to fastening iron pieces and leather pieces by hand.

All of this, with only experience and no blueprints, whatsoever. This is to ensure that the Japanese samurai armor is as raw as it can get. Only muscle memory and skilled hands can produce each Japanese samurai armor with utmost detailing and accurate measurements. No machines can manufacture these magical prices for us. The passion in the eyes and the precision of the hands is all it takes.

24/7 customer support

Yes, the Samurai gear is technical stuff. To ensure you get value for money, speak to us about our crafting process. Communicate your doubts. Our dealers are there to support all of you, modern warriors.

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