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Samurai Helmets for Sale

Swords and knives are cool, but helmets are essential!

While replicating the Samurai battles, you might forget that killing streaks only come about when effective attack and defence strategies are combined. So, if your military supplies list doesn’t have enough helmets on it, it’s time to get them added. Now.

Now, begins your search for the perfect Samurai helmet. And this store has got just that and more for you. Search your supplies here and order them in a few clicks. Customer sovereignty at its best!

Just like personalized swords, you need customized Japanese Samurai helmets. You might have come across a few engraved pieces in the museums. That’s the quality you can expect from us. If you’ve been looking around for Samurai helmets for sale, your wait is finally over.

Here you’ve got hundreds of styles and massive bulk discounts. A deadly combination, indeed. Browse through the collection to find out what’s in store for you in terms of Samurai helmets and logo engraving options.

What remains the same across this collection is the replication of ancient warrior helmets. Yes, you’ll get to wear traditional Kabuto and nothing less. If you are Japanese culture reviver, you must have got the Japanese armor.

But are you forgetting something? Remember, a Samurai helmet is also an integral part of the overall Samurai Armor. And you can get them all here.

Samurai Kabuto Helmet Collection

What makes the Samurai Kabuto helmet collection so special? The specialty of these helmets is historically detailing and authenticity. The authentic styling is to die for.

If you like roleplaying the Feudal Japanese culture or have got buddies with similar interests, you can gift these Samurai headpieces. Together, you and your gang can stand triumphant. This collection is your saviour against all the evil in the contemporary world.

Impressed enough, right? To further convince you we ship these Japan Samurai helmets and shields on crazy low prices, all around the globe. Procuring and collecting civil war replicas had never been so convenient.

Helmet with masks

Are you fantasized by the Oda Nobunaga helmets? You can get your hands on just that and more helmets with masks right here. Each of these have been crafted with love to commemorate the military accomplishments of the elite warriors’ class.

Helmets with masks have been worn by Samurai warriors very often. These Samurai warrior helmets are available in antique colors and strong metals. With all the leather and lining, each piece weighs around 7 pounds.

Amongst a wide variety of cheap Samurai helmets, you get to choose between Date Mansamune, Daisho Kake and Takeda Shingen. They feature real horsehair and real quail feathers. How exotic, no?

Helmet stands

Just so you know, with each of our masked helmets, you get a helmet stand as well. Yes, you heard it right. A Samurai Kabuto is a package. The display stand is no less of a craft. It only takes the helmet a level up through designing customizations and colorful embellishments.

To maintain the antique finish that you deserve, the helmet stand is hand finished using wood. The solid stand is around fifteen inches tall. It complements the helmet and adds to the overall strength.

Helmets of different Samurai warriors

Are all Kabutos the same? Certainly not. In fact, there are numerous types of helmets depending on the evolution of civil war. Even within the ranks of the warriors, different helmet designs prevailed. The Ashigaru soldiers wore the Tatami Kabuto.

Since these soldiers were on foot, they needed such light, foldable, portable and simple helmets. Other unique types of helmets include the famous Kaji Kabuto. These were the helmets donned by the Samurai firemen. All in all, there are different designs for every warriors’ rank.

Fully Functional and Wearable

Despite the pleasing aesthetics, at the end of the combat helmets had to be functional and wearable. To strike the right balance of functionality and visual appeal, each of the helmets is lined with cloth and a neck protecting gear. How thoughtful is that.

The full-size headwear gets you war ready. The suspended neck guard and the elongated plates have got you covered, quite literally. The rivets secure the gold plates together and ensure that your helmet serves the intended purpose.

So, don’t get swayed away by the frontal, rear and top decorations. Rest assured that the helmet is breathable enough to be worn all day and all night. Functionality is guaranteed.

No order limit- worldwide free shipping

By now, you’ve surely made up your mind to get your hands on your favorite Samurai helmet and display stand. Before you fret over the delivery charges and fall into the deadly pits of minimum order requirements, there’s some good news for you. You can order your desired single pieces and the shipping is on us. Happy shopping!

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