Tai Chi Two handed Sword


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  • The whole length is140cm
  • The length of blade is approx 99cm


This is a two handed straight sword also called Bagua Jian or tanglang Jian here. This is a traditional Chen style two handed Jian, rare sword even in China you can find. Take a quick purchase!
The blade is made from hand forged 2cr13 steel. The blade is stiff/rigid. The blade is blunt, if you want it sharpened, leave us a message!
The scabbard and handle are made of solid aged wenge.
The fittings are made from solid brass plated with zinc alloy in antique style.
The whole length is140cm.
The length of blade is approx 99cm.
The length of handle is approx 38cm.
The weight of sword is approx 1.35kg.


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