Tachi Black Blade handmade Full Tang Sword




Specifications & Material:

Overall Length(with Saya):40.5 inch /103 cm

Blade Length:28 inch / 71 cm

Tuska Length:10.2 inch / 26cm

Blade Width (near Habaki):1.26 inch / 3.2cm

Weight (with Saya):1.25kg (approximately)

Weight (without Saya):1.05 kg (approximately)

Handle Material:ImitationBlue Ray skin + Hard wooden+alloy Kashira Fuchi and Menuki + Black Tsukamaki

Blade Material:AISI 1060 Steel black color,

Blade process: Completely blacksmithing, Special craft processing, the blade turned black .

Tsuba Material:Zinc Alloy Tsuba

Saya Material: Hard wooden + White paint + silk Sageo



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